private home tutors in abia state nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is myhometutor ?

MyHomeTutor is an online platform which helps parents and students connect with bright and engaging tutors. Our tutors provide one-to-one teaching to students after school hours or during the weekend, depending on the selected time frame.


Is myhometutor a registered business?

Yes, myhometutor is a registered business in Nigeria.


At what ages do you offer tutorship?

Our tutoring service is not limited to any age. We offer services to both children and adults.


Who are the tutors?

All of our tutors have achieved outstanding grades at school with educational qualifications and passion to teach and are personally interviewed by a member of our team to ensure they will be able to inspire their students. You are also welcome to read feedback from others who have previously worked with our tutors to help you make your choice; all parents and tutees are invited to leave feedback after each session they have with a tutor.


Where is the location for classes?

Individuals choose a preferred location for their classes , either at the comfort of their home or a different location.


What categories or packages do you offer?

we offer different packages like :
i.     Tutorship for different classes for students
ii.    Tutors for adult education
iii.   Entrepreneural classes for people on baking skills, makeup, bead making , hair dressing, wig making ,etc
iv.   ICT programs
v.    WAEC, NECO , JAMB tutoring and registration with valid success.
vi.   TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE and other professional exams.
vii.  Business development and management guidance.


What is the cost of Registration?

Registration is FREE. Our classes are being paid for per per hour. As a client , you decide how many hours you want your classes to hold in a day and how many times a week, from this information we will be able to give you a run-down of the cost of your classes in a month.


What is the time frame for classes?

The time for the classes are determined by our clients.


How do i make payments?

Payments are made directly to MyHomeTutors account after registration is done.


What if i dont like the particular tutor given to me?

If a client doesnt like a tutor given to him/her, the client has to inform us and the tutor will be changed or in extreme cases, money will be refunded to the client.


Do you offer online classes?

We offer online classes on request by the client either through skype, whatsapp or IMO.


Do you offer services to people outside Abia State?

Yes, we offer service to people outside Abia State.